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UAM – First company in Uruguay with Certified Drone Pilots

by UAM in Uncategorized

viagra colombia venta August 4 2015, Montevideo

Uruguay Aerial Media (UAM) is the first company in Uruguay using drones that offers pilots certified by the National Administration of Civil Aviation and Infrastructure (DINACIA).

Since DINACIA2014 (via its Resolution No. 291/2014), DINACIA requires an “Operators License” for the pilot of an drone used for commercial https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/achat-viagra/ or paid activities.  The obtainment by UAM’s principal pilot of the first drone cialis 5mg lilly prix operator license to be given in Uruguay by DINACIA demonstrates UAM’s objective to continue to offer the best level of service and security sildenafil generique prix son for its clients.  (For more information, please contact us at:  info@uruguayaerial.com )