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Real Estate & Construction


We provide aerial media for both residential and commercial real estate, whether for marketing, sales, or virtual aerial tours of large properties or land.  We also support aerial surveying and imaging for any size construction project to assist with planning, execution, and quality control.

Sports & Events


We offer both aerial production and live broadcasting services for any type outdoor event (weddings, concerts, meetings, parties) or sporting activity (fishing, sailing, car & motorbike racing, skating and surfing). We capture all events in spectacular 4K video and produce very unique photos for your event or broadcast live in HD to a wider audience.

Industrial Inspections


We offer aerial inspection and surveillance for a number of industries including heavy construction, telecommunications, government, and electric. Our UAV’s are fitted with high-resolution cameras and are able to quickly access any location, including remote / rural or urban areas. We offer aerial inspection of cellular antennas, high-tension lines, pipelines, industrial facilities and construction projects. Our aerial services are also great for verifying right-of-way, encroachment, or due diligence checks.

Agriculture & Rural


We offer advanced aerial imaging and monitoring solutions that can be used to survey, plan, and manage land resources as well as inspect existing crops, water supplies, or livestock. Our high-resolution products provide farmers and ranchers with accurate on-demand tools for site-specific management that increase yields and maximize profits. We also support livestock auctions through the production of aerial media that can be used to observe animals in their natural environment.



Our aerial media platforms acquired hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of images on each flight. We then process these images to create high-resolution 3D images that feature a level of detail almost 5 times that of commercially available satellite imagery.


They sky is really not the limit, but rather the beginning. Through our aerial media platforms, we can support an unlimited number of applications, more than that can be listed here. If you have a requirement and don’t see it addressed here, please contact us to discuss in more detail.